Welcome to a house of fantasy play - Junibacken on Djurgården in Stockholm

Experience a day of magic in our fantasy house on Djurgården in Stockholm. A house that bubbles with stories, laughter, familiar figures - and mischief.

The Story Train is central to Junibacken, with its journey through the fabulous stories of Astrid Lindgren, but you will also meet many other famous figures such as Alfie Atkins, Festus and Mercury and Mamma Moo. Story-time characters come to life, and you can play and make noise, relax in a cosy corner, feel chills along your spine, discover and learn, and go to the theatre.

Meet the Moomin Family at Junibacken!

Junibacken’s major exhibition (February 2015 - January 2017) is Moomin at Junibacken. The theatre performance And Then What Happened? can be seen every day in the exhibition area, based on Tove Jansson’s classic book: The Book about Moomin, Mymble and Little My.

Visiting the exhibition is like visiting Moominvalley itself, where you can meet many of its inhabitants. The forest with the winding path seen in The Book about Moomin, Mymble and Little My is here, where you can pick beautiful red fruit and creep around among the trees. The carousel from Who Will Comfort Toffle? lies just beside, inviting you to take a ride before going on to the campfire, where you can join Moomin, Sniff and Snufkin and help them toast pancakes. You can direct your own play using shadow puppets in the floating theatre. Climb up the huge mountain, and swoosh down on a fallen tree. You can go fishing and listen to the rhythm of the waves in the small bathing hut, then watch the stars and consider the mysteries of the universe in the observatory. After such an adventure, it’s probably a good idea to visit the comforting Moomin House in the centre of the exhibition.

The exhibition marks the end in 2014 of the 100-year jubilee for Tove Jansson’s birth, and the beginning in 2015 of the 70-year jubilee of the first publication of the Moomin books. Moomin at Junibacken is based on the following books:

The Book about Moomin, Mymble and Little My (1952)
Who Will Comfort Toffle? (1960)
Finn Family Moomintroll (1948)
The Exploits of Moominpappa (1968)
Comet in Moominland (1946)
Moominsummer Madness (1954)

Storybook Square

The first thing that you come to on entering Junibacken is Storybook Square. You are taken directly into a world of fantasy, and many of our most loved characters from children’s books live around the square, with its cobblestones and old-fashioned street lamps. You can, for example, call on Alfie Atkins, go into his house and see if he is at home. Visit old man Festus kitchen or feel what it’s like to ride on Mulle Meck’s airplane. A living exhibition where you can play, climb, and have fun with everything you see.

The Story Train

When the conductor has opened the door, all you have to do is hop into the characteristic red train coaches. An adult must always accompany children in the coach, since it may be a comforting feeling to have someone’s hand to hold during the journey.

The narrator’s voice, the music, sounds, lighting, the fantastic tableaux and the atmosphere all combine to make this journey something that will touch the soul of everyone, large and small children alike. The Storybook Train has been realised by Marit Törnqvist, and is available in 16 languages. You can be guided along your journey in Swedish, Arabic, English, Finnish, French, Dutch, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Spanish, Estonian, German, Norwegian, Danish, and Polish.

Villa Villekulla

The train journey ends at Villa Villekulla. Here, at the home of the strongest girl in the world, you are free to play just as wildly as you like. Here you can ride Pippi’s horse, Old Man, ride the slide, play in Pippi’s kitchen, play hopscotch, and do lots of other fun things.


Something good to eat and maybe a drop of raspberry pop are really welcome after the intense experience of riding the train and the fun of Villa Villekulla. The restaurant also sells home-baked cakes and buns from our own bakery. The view of Stockholm and Nybroviken is particularly fine from the restaurant.


Children’s bookstore

Our large and well-stocked bookstore offers a range of quality books for children that is far above average. There is also a wide range of music, films, games, clothes, toys, cuddly toys, and cards and posters from the world of children’s literature. We have several Swedish childrens books in English translation.


Adults 159 SEK, Children (2 - 15 years) 139 SEK

Junibacken is included in Stockholm Pass. Find more information about Stockholm Pass here:


Opening hours


January: Every day 10.00-17.00. Closed; 11/1, 18/1 and 25/1

February: Every day 10.00-17.00. Closed; 1/2, 8/2 and 15/2. 25/2: 10-16

March: Every day 10.00-17.00. Closed; 7/3 and 14/3

April: Tuesday - Sunday 10.00-17.00. Closed; 4/4, 11/4, 18/4 and 25/4

May-June: Every day 10.00-17.00.

July – 14th of August: Every day 10.00-18.00.

15-30th of August: Every day 10-17

September: Tuesday-Sunday 10.00-17.00. Closed; 5/9, 12/9, 19/9 and 26/9

October: Every day 10.00-17.00. Closed; 3/10 and 10/10

November: Tuesday - Sunday 10.00-17.00. Closed; 14/11, 21/1a and 28/11

December: Every day 10.00-17.00. Closed; 5/12, 12/12, 23/12-25/12 


Getting to Junibacken

Junibacken is situated on the island of Djurgården in central Stockholm. It is just behind Nordiska Museet in Galärparken, next door to the Vasa Museum.


From the Central Station (approximately 30 min).
From Karlaplan Metro station (approximately 10 min).


Tram 7 leaves from city.
Bus 69 leaves from T-Centralen.
Bus 67 leaves from Karlaplan, which is the nearest metro station.
Bus/tram stop: Junibacken/Nordiska Museet/Vasamuseet
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